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Overall allium performance

Type Chip Hashrate Power H/W Cost* Reward Profit** Int Freq
GPU309029.939 MH347 W86.254 kH0.050040.113750.06372211860
GPU1080 Ti14.79 MH156 W94.842 kH0.022480.056200.03372191721
GPUQuadro P50004.252 MH74 W57.592 kH0.010640.016160.00551161733
GPU1660 SUPER3.028 MH63 W48.314 kH0.009030.011500.00247161785
GPU1050 Ti1.344 MH---0.00511-161468
CPUi7-10700F1.148 MH---0.00436--2900

* Device power cost per day based on 0.25 USD per kWh
** Reward and profit are based on the average estimates from the last 24 hours

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