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Overall neoscrypt performance

Type Chip Hashrate Power H/W Cost* Reward Profit** Int Freq
GPU2080 Ti2.577 MH297 W8.678 kH0.200310.06021-0.14010181755
GPU20801.594 MH115 W13.864 kH0.077560.03724-0.04032171797
GPU1080 Ti1.44 MH194 W7.429 kH0.130720.03364-0.09708161662
GPU20701.382 MH142 W9.726 kH0.095800.03227-0.06353171719
GPU1070 Ti1.107 MH123 W8.974 kH0.083190.02585-0.05733121683
GPU10701.017 MH131 W7.78 kH0.088160.02376-0.06440131770
GPU1080991.132 kH166 W5.954 kH0.112280.02315-0.08913131824
GPUP104-100962.416 kH170 W5.674 kH0.114400.02248-0.0919216-
GPU1660 Ti882.306 kH103 W8.535 kH0.069720.02061-0.04911181843
GPU1060 6GB700.255 kH104 W6.728 kH0.070200.01636-0.05384131747
GPU980 Ti665.943 kH176 W3.781 kH0.118800.01556-0.1032451291
GPU1060 3GB642.029 kH86 W7.462 kH0.058030.01500-0.04303101761
GPU970611.705 kH170 W3.604 kH0.114480.01429-0.10020161329
GPUTesla M60608.174 kH148 W4.12 kH0.099550.01421-0.08534141177
GPU980600.056 kH175 W3.423 kH0.118230.01402-0.10421161271
GPU980M494.688 kH104 W4.768 kH0.069970.01156-0.0584216-
GPUP106-100471.068 kH58 W8.087 kH0.039290.01100-0.02828161708
GPU1050 Ti411.892 kH---0.00962-61425
GPU1050354.679 kH---0.00828-131483
GPU1030211.728 kH---0.00495-141479
GPU750 Ti147.013 kH60 W*2.45 kH0.040470.00343-0.03703141137

* Device power cost per day based on 0.25 USD per kWh
** Reward and profit are based on the average estimates from the last 24 hours

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