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Overall x17 performance

Type Chip Hashrate Power H/W Cost* Reward Profit** Int Freq
GPU1070 Ti10.112 MH155 W65.068 kH0.033100.00057-0.03253191683
GPU1080 Ti9.041 MH148 W61.086 kH0.031530.00051-0.03102191640
GPU1060 6GB5.959 MH81 W73.693 kH0.017220.00034-0.01689-1759
GPU10705.452 MH92 W59.26 kH0.019600.00031-0.01929191746
GPU10803.06 MH90 W34.078 kH0.019130.00017-0.01896191751
CPUE5-1620v3214.682 kH---0.00001--3500
CPUi5-3470165.545 kH---0.00001-23200

* Device power cost per day based on 0.25 USD per kWh
** Reward and profit are based on the average estimates from the last 24 hours

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