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Last 50 yescrypt results, show totals

Algo Time Chip Device Vendor ID Arch Hashrate Int. Freq W H/W Client OS Driver / Compiler
yescrypt2yP106-100Colorful P106-1007377:1234SM 6.16.42 kH11.8817088179.2ccminer/Yescrypt/R16/R32.V10win64CUDA 10.0 432.00
yescrypt4yP106-100P106-10010de:121bSM 6.16.31 kH11.8817088574.2ccminer/Yescrypt/R16/R32.V10win64CUDA 10.0 417.71
yescrypt Average (2 records)6.36 kH11.9170883770.01773 mBTC/day 

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